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Pros & Cons of Charter Schools

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Charter schools are not subject to the same rules and regulations that public schools are. Instead, head teachers and those directly involved in the running of a charter school are able to determine its fate, without being bogged down by bureaucracy. They have access to public funding, though, and can raise funds in other ways. Supporters of charter schools claim that their existence creates more competition, which drives up standards in public schools. Parents also benefit from having more choice over where to send their children.

However, not everyone accepts this assessment

While the existence of charter schools may give parents more choice in theory, the reality is that some parents are better placed to make the most of educational opportunities. Educated, middle-class parents are more likely to get their children into charter schools than parents who aren’t every educated and who spend most of their time at work. Thus, it is middle-class children that get the most benefit from charter schools. These schools can select students and so not everyone has fair access to them, even though they are paid for out of the public purse.

Less students means less competition in class

Charter schools tend to cater for fewer students and have more resources than public schools, and so it is hardly likely that charter schools will drive up standards in public schools.

Charter schools can innovate faster

In public schools, head teachers still have to contend with rules and regulations and have fewer financial resources to draw upon to ensure that they hire the best staff and that their schools have the newest and best equipment for students. Charter schools may be able to develop more innovative practices, since there are fewer constraints on them, but if they are so successful shouldn’t they be adopted by public schools?

Is competition for education a good thing?

After all, is competition really a good thing when it comes to education? Shouldn’t all children have the same opportunities? It is hard to see how forcing schools to compete for resources will encourage children to achieve the best results.

Real reason behind charter school’s success

In general, charter schools are successful because they have a bigger income and more flexibility, but this is not always the case and, clearly, it is the students who suffer. It seems that public schools have too many constraints and charter schools not enough.

Is it fair some schools get more money?

There are individuals who support the existence of charter schools and believe that they are worth the tax dollars that go into supporting them, while for others, charter schools are simply representative of an unfair educational system and shouldn’t be funded out of the public finances. Everyone has their own opinion and an objective assessment of the facts will probably do little to convince anyone otherwise.