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Pros & Cons of Deforestation

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One of the major disadvantages of deforestation is that it is one of the primary causes of the greenhouse affects. Deforestation means the process of cutting down all of the tress and other plants in an area, generally in forests. As trees play an important role in the environment as well as in the survival process of human being and other organisms, deforestation can affect the whole world in numerous ways.

Photosynthesis process

Trees and plants release oxygen and remove the carbon dioxides from the environment during the photosynthesis process. Thus decreasing the number of trees can lead to an increased amount of carbon dioxide gases. It is one of the primary greenhouse gases and can contribute to the greenhouse affect as well as towards global warming. In fact, statistics prove that about 20% of the current global warming is the direct result of deforestation.

Sea level will rise

If this continues, ice and glaciers around the world will melt and the sea level will rise, which can lead to different kind of disasters. Another disadvantage of deforestation is that the water cycle of the earth can be affected by it. Trees play an important role by extracting ground water with their roots and then releasing it into the surrounding atmosphere.

Flooding and land slides

If this process is disturbed, it can lead to soil cohesion which can eventually lead to flooding. Deforestation can also increase the rate of soil loss to a great extent. Deforestation also has a vast affect on the ecology. A number of animals, birds, insects and other organisms depend on the trees and plants for habitat, food and other purposes. Deforestation can result in a food scarcity, loss of their natural habitats or even possibility extinction is some cases.

Deforestation = money + agricultural land

However, there are few advantages of deforestation. The trees and plants being cut are used for different purposes, such as producing wood, papers and other necessities. Forest land can be freed up for development, agricultural purposes and palm oil plantation. Deforestation also provides a huge source of revenue for governments in terms of taxes and fees, especially in developing countries.

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