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Pros & Cons of Gene Therapy

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Gene therapy is a scientific treatment that helps to substitute any defective genes present in the body, inserting the correct ones in its place. This misplacement of genes is typically due to genetics and can actually inhibit your body from functioning properly, potentially harming you severely or even killing you. Gene therapy can make a big difference in the quality of life for this with incorrect gene and DNA sequencing, but there are risks that are attached to gene therapy that need to be considered. Taking time to looking at the pros and cons of gene therapy are crucial when you want to make the right decision for you, and if you don’t look at both sides, you are likely to regret this decision later on.

It can do wonders

By far, one of the best aspects and pros of gene therapy is the fact that as a medical procedure, it holds a great deal of therapeutic potential to help many people who are suffering from genetic issues and illnesses. As a human race, there has always been medical progress and therapies to deal with various illnesses and diseases, but this will continue to progress as new issues and diseases mutate and evolve.

Some diseases have no cure

While gene therapy is not a cure for these incorrect gene sequences and their impact, they do have the potential to correct the issues, and can make a huge difference in the life of the person suffering, allowing them to live a health life without all of the suffering and pain. There are even many illnesses and diseases out there with little to no treatment options for the afflicted, like Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s and this gene therapy can be the only option the person can take to get some relief.

Long way to go

And while gene therapy can be a light in the dark for those who are suffering from these genetic issues, you also need to consider that, like with any medical procedure, that there are going to be some cons as well. It is not a foolproof science, and there is no guarantee out there this gene therapy will be able to fix the chromosome and gene sequence.

It is very costly

If there is an error in the process of gene therapy this can actually further harm the gene, and worsen the condition. There is also the issue of ethics that needs to be considered in gene therapy. When you consider the level of technology that is involved in gene therapy, it is no surprise that the treatment is going to be costly. This means that those who are ill need to have the funds to pay or insurance that will cover these treatments, leaving this treatment option out for those who are poor and cannot afford it.