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Pros & Cons of Living In Florida

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There are many pros to support living in Florida. It is not called the sunshine state for nothing as most of the time it is sunny with beautiful, blue skies. You also don’t have to worry about driving in snow and ice (except on a very rare occasion, usually in the northern areas) and not having to scrape snow and/or ice off your car windows before you can drive to work is so very nice. Florida has about 1,197 miles of coastline both on the Atlantic and Gulf sides with many beautiful beaches.

An hours drive to a beach!

Even if you don’t live right near a beach, you can drive to a beach from anywhere in Florida in about an hour. There are very nice state parks with water and wildlife and great theme parks such as Disney World, Epcot Center, Seaworld, and more. There is always something to do or see in about any part of Florida. If one likes fresh fish, then Florida is heavenly as the fish is absolutely wonderful. The oranges are so very good too.

Great homes and great prices

Florida residents don’t have to pay state income taxes like residents of many states. A home in Florida, compared to the same type of home, especially in some areas of the northeast, is often less expensive. In addition, at this time, due to the problems in the housing market, buyers can purchase a home for much less than around three years ago.

However, like every state, Florida has its cons

For some, the same basic season without spring, fall and winter changes all year long, can be monotonous. Also, the temperatures along with high humidity in the summer can be almost excruciating. The bugs, especially in the summer, are huge and abundant. Florida can also be a scary place to live in the hurricane season and if a hurricane hits, the losses can be devastating. Many vehicle accidents are not unusual in Florida, some due to huge amounts of tourists rushing from place to place and gawking around at the scenery.

Bad education system

Florida compared to many states has a poor educational system for its youth and there are areas with extreme poverty levels. A lot of that is unless one is in a professional field, the pay for most jobs is quite low. The crime rate overall is higher than other southern states including abductions. Florida can be a wonderful place to live as long as you are willing to tolerate the cons, but then again, everyplace has some cons. If Florida scares you, then you may want to consider Seattle as an alternative.

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