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Pros & Cons of Space Exploration

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Space represents the great unknown, which is why there is so much interest in space exploration. Scientists want to know more about space; politicians want to bask in the glory of amazing discoveries; business leaders are hoping to profit in some way. There are definitely a number of benefits associated with space exploration, but there are also some more negative aspects, both of which are considered here.

Pros of space exploration

Space exploration means that astronomers can uncover previously unknown facts about space, which the whole of society can then learn about. It is possible that new minerals and materials will be discovered and that other forms of species could be found. There is an interest in discovering planets which could sustain human life and finding extra-terrestrial beings that are more highly evolved than humans. Any such discoveries could have a profound impact on people, which is one of the reasons why governments are keen to promote space exploration.

Space exploration also satisfies a desire for adventure

Individuals who have an interest in studying what exists beyond earth have an opportunity to pursue that interest and to see for themselves all that space has to offer. They can then relay their experiences to ordinary individuals who may not have an opportunity to go into space.

Cons of space exploration

However, alongside the positive aspects of space exploration, there are also a number of negatives. Clearly, space exploration isn’t cheap and money that could be used for more worthy causes, such as paying for a national healthcare system, is used on something rather more frivolous.

Other, more immediate priorities

Perhaps, in the future, some useful discoveries will be made, but this doesn’t help those individuals who are currently living in poverty and have nothing to eat and no access to health care. It hardly seems fair that so much money should be spent on space exploration when the chances are nothing of much use will be discovered.

Lots of training and costly

Space exploration also poses a great deal of risk to those astronauts who volunteer their services to go into space. Astronauts have to undergo a lot of training and this costs money, while there is always a danger something could go wrong and that they may not even come back safely from space. If they do discover anything significant on their travels, there are no guarantees that what they do find will benefit human kind. Indeed, what they find could potentially be dangerous.

Its been fun and expensive

At present, all the money that has been spent on space exploration has not yielded much in the way of results. Thus, it could be said that it is a waste of time and money to engage in space exploration when there are so many other ways to use these resources. However, there are still those who believe that space exploration is a worthwhile endeavor.

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