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Pros & Cons of Texting

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In this modern day and age, people aren’t always in one place, at one time. On top of that, it is not always easy to keep up with your friends, unless you keep up with the times. The simplest way for people to keep in touch in this day and age is the use of cell phones and texting. It is common knowledge that cell phones are mobile phones, and texting is sending a worded message from phone to phone. Texting people have various pros as well as some downsides as well.

Pros of texting

A major benefit that cellular phones have is the convenience it brings to users. During a busy day, you may not be able to hold a true conversation, or you may not even feel like talking voice to voice. Conversations on the phone require full attention and consume your time, which you may not have much of. By texting a simple message to someone, you can save time instead of having to call them.

Quick and easy way to communicate

Texting allows short thoughts to be sent without getting into larger conversations. Another benefit is how it can help one develop friends. You see, it’s less intimidating texting someone than being on the phone because you can put more time into whatever you say. It allows you to be better acquainted to people, but it should be used as a building block rather than the foundation of a friendship.

Cons of texting

Of course, there is a major flaw in the use of text messaging, which it can be distracting in various ways. When someone is texting, they block out everything around them and their attention is directed towards their phone. When someone is talking to them, while in class, a movie, or even driving, people who are texting don’t care about their surroundings. This is especially true with driving, as it can cause accidents all over the place.

Grabs your whole attention and you’re distracted

The thing that is key, is that texting has to be prioritized, and not a major part of your life. It not only distracts you, it keeps you from enjoying the highlights in life. If you are in the movies and texting your buddy, you are not paying attention to the movie, and missing something possibly fun.

Use in moderation, not excessively

Cell phones are a very fun and convenient way to keep in touch with your friends and family through texting. However, it is dangerous to consistently text people and ignoring everything around you, especially when you are doing something you need to focus on anyway. When it comes to texting, make use of them in a safe and simple manner. You can make new friends and catch up with your old ones, but you have to do so in a safe and non-distracting manner.

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