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Pros & Cons of Transitions Lenses

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Let us say that you hate when the sun glare in your eyes, and you don’t have sunglasses. All that you have is your prescription glasses from the doctors, and you can’t switch them out with your sunglasses because you can’t see otherwise. A way to fix this issue could be to switch to transition lenses. What are they exactly though? How can they help? And also, what are the issues with them?

How transitions lenses works?

Transitions is actually a brand name of Transitions Optical and the scientific term for these types of lenses is called photochromic lenses. They are called by various names, such as transitions, react lite, reactions, and sometimes even graduations. The way it works is pretty simple. As the UV light hits on the lenses, chemicals in the lenses darkens and creates a tint effect and the darkness depends on the amount of UV light that hits the lenses. This means that it will automatically shade your eyes from UV light.

Adjust according to the UV rays level

On a dull day, they will react with a pale tint, while on a bright day, they will become very dark to protect your eyes from the sun light. On top of that, indoors, they will become clear, so they will be just right for you to see. The transition also goes very quickly which is very helpful. This makes it easier as you will not have to constantly switch from your glasses to a pair of sunglasses when you are outside.

Cons of transitions lenses

However, there are some cons that should definitely be considered with these kinds of glasses. Even in gloomy weather, it is possible for transition lenses to react, so it can make it hard for you to see on such occasions. Also, they don’t return to clear as quickly as the other way around, which makes it a bit difficult seeing in certain occasions. Also, when driving, they will not work as well as they do outside as you will not be getting in as much of the UV light as you would outside of the vehicle, so you need to be careful driving. Finally, they can be much more expensive than if you were to just buy sunglasses, depending on what insurance it is you have.

It is useful if you know the limitations

Photochromic lenses have a lot of good benefits that can make things easier for you to get around much more conveniently. However, the downsides you need to make sure you know and understand, as they can help when it comes to going from place to place. Even though these lenses will benefit you, if you don’t pay attention to any of the cons, you could possibly be confused and could possibly get hurt. If you know the benefits and issues that photochromic lenses and still want them, then go right ahead and enjoy them. The choice is all up to you.

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