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Pros Cons of Using Cell Phone While Driving

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Cell phone may be a necessity to stay connected but it can also be a source of distraction. Of course, while driving, distraction is the last thing that the driver needs. A distraction while driving can cost your life and no news is more important than life itself. Because of this, there are no pros in driving and using a cell phone at the same time.

Useful in an emergency

However, sometimes having a cell phone in your car is not a bad idea. Many things can go wrong while driving, thus having a cell phone to call in the case of a robbery, an accident or any other event, can make a big difference.

Talking on cell phones causes inattentional blindness

When referring to the contra arguments of talking on a cell phone while driving, the possibilities are countless. First of all, the distraction can cause an accident as small as a minor bump into another car, to a real, fatal crash. The reason being so is that when people use cell phones, they get into a situation that researchers call “inattentional blindness”. You can see your surroundings but the events around you don’t register.

Dangers to other road users

Not to mention, a person speaking on a cell phone can endanger not only other drivers, but also people attempting to cross the street. Women are easily distracted, especially when they use cell phones while driving. But men lose their temper faster, so from this point of view, men are more predisposed to crash in an argument over the phone. It is very easy for a driver, man or woman to miss important driving signs, other cars and even other people.

Few seconds of distraction

Answering the phones takes about 3 to 4 second. This includes, reaching for the phone and of course seeing who is calling. You might think that picking up the phone is done in an instance, but there is a natural instinct to watch the phone display and see the number or the name of the person who is calling. In these few seconds, while you are not paying attention to the road, anything can go wrong. Most of the times, it can be fatal.

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