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Pros & Cons of Welfare Programs

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Welfare programs are meant to help the most vulnerable and poorest in the society to live. Assistance is usually provided to those who are out of work or those who are unable to work due to illness, injury or old age, as well as to those who are on a low income. People often have to fill out forms to prove that they are entitled for help, which can be difficult and not everyone gets it. Many people would prefer not to access welfare programs because of the stigma that is attached to welfare programs. However, not everyone has a choice.

Food stampsFood stamps is an example of a welfare program run by the government to help the poor. The budget for food stamps comes from taxes and indirectly affects everybody else. Such programs come about with the intention to help out the poor and the unfortunate. However, some people think if you are on a welfare program for too long, it could develop into a form of addiction that is difficult to get off from.

Social safety net

Welfare programs are supposed to offer a safety net to those who find themselves in a situation where they are unable to buy food or have access to healthcare facilities. Welfare programs are paid for by taxes that everyone pays. Consequently, there are individuals who are not very happy about the existence of welfare programs and do believe that their hard-earned tax dollars are being wasted. There is an assumption that people who are on welfare programs, are trying to claim more than they deserve as a way to avoid looking for work.

Most people don’t want to be on welfare programs

The reality, however, is that most people are unhappy about having to rely on welfare programs to survive but they have no other choice, especially when they have hungry children to feed. There is still a stigma attached to being on welfare, so it is not something that everybody would want to admit, especially when there is such an intolerant opinion from certain members of the society. Mind you, there is some legitimate cause for concern, since there are individuals who do abuse the system and try to take more than they should, which only gives innocent individuals who really need welfare, a bad name.

Another popular welfare program is the Medicaid, which helps to provide medical insurance for the poorMedicaid provides medical insurance for those with low income. Medicaid may cover some or all of your medical bills, depending on the condition and types of medical attention needed. People who support welfare programs argue that sometimes life throws at you challenges that you may not be prepared for. Welfare programs act like a bridge to get you across tough times. Some people do become dependent on it, but as with all thing in life, there will be exceptions and statistically, it is small compared to those who really benefit from them.

Not efficient and is a short-term solution

Organizations involved in creating welfare programs and distributing aids are not always efficiently run. It probably costs more money than it should to process welfare recipients, money which could be better spent elsewhere. Americans are notoriously suspicious of big government, something which welfare programs seems to represent. Many of the welfare programs that offer assistance are only a short-term fix and don’t provide any long-term solutions to individuals who are struggling to make ends meet.

Welfare programs are not enough

The support that people receive is often just shy of sufficient that causes many people to struggle to stretch out their food stamps to cover the cost of a week’s worth of groceries. To those against welfare programs, any money is too much money, but for those trying to live day-to-day, it can be extremely stressful to try to create a budget that they can live by.

Stressful being on welfare programs

Being on welfare programs are stressful and stress is bad for people’s health. This may simply exacerbate the problem, which caused them to seek help in the first place.

Choosing the lesser evil

Clearly, then, there are pros and cons associated with welfare programs, though without their existence, many people would have difficulty even surviving.